5 Apr Unlocking And Scaling Investments In Nature

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More than 85 alumni and guests registered for 5 Apr Unlocking And Scaling Investments In Nature. Read our summary of the panel discussion to learn about capital-efficient nature based solutions (NBS) and their pivotal role in mobilising capital to achieve Net Zero and climate change mitigation in our Past Event Report: Unlocking And Scaling Investments In Nature (pdf).

This Swiss INSEAD Alumni Entrepreneurship Club event was organized and moderated by alum Lorenzo Garofano, MBA’07D, Co-Founder XILVA AG, and hosted by Mafalda Tenente, MBA’06J, Vice President, INSEAD Alumni Association Switzerland, on behalf of Bernhard Escher, MBA 10J, Swiss INSEAD Alumni Entrepreneurship Club, President.


Natascha Lander, Co-Founder & Partner, B E L I E V E .
Jamie M. Lawrence, Co-Founder & Forest Strategy Lead, Xilva AG
Erik Ringvold, MBA’18J, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Co.

Links shared by speakers

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