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INSEAD Alumni Fund Switzerland

In 2016, Brigitte Reverdin MBA’81, as President of the INSEAD Alumni Fund Switzerland (IAF), successfully rallied fellow alumni in Switzerland to create the first endowed scholarship. A group of founding donors generously provided the initial funding and several other major donors have since made large gifts.

Additionally, each year, the Swiss alumni community donates generously to the fund as part of the global INSEAD “Force for Good” fundraising campaign. All gifts to the fund are welcome and are recorded on the donor’s personal and class gift history.

The INSEAD Alumni Fund Switzerland aims to grow its endowment to €2 million to support one or more Tech Scholarships and several Swiss Scholarships each year. These merit-based scholarships aim to attract the best talent from Switzerland to the INSEAD MBA programme.

    Why donate?

    Scholarships enable INSEAD to open its doors to talented students who embody the geographic, socio-economic and gender diversity that makes INSEAD The Business School for the World.

    Your donations are placed in a segregated account of the Swiss-based foundation, La Fondation Mondiale INSEAD, and are tax deductible for individuals and corporations. Donors receive a tax receipt from INSEAD.

    How do I donate?

    Donate online
    1. On the Force for Good payment portal, select Switzerland in the “country” field.
    2. In the “Select your designation” field on the right, type “Swiss” and select “Swiss Alumni Endowed Scholarship”.
    3. Select a default amount or “other” to enter your preferred amount.
    4. Select “Donate once” or “Give regularly” to set a recurring donation.
    5. Fill in your credit card payment details and proceed to checkout.

    Donate by bank transfer
    Please remember to mention “Swiss Alumni Endowed Scholarship” and your Class year (e.g. MBA ‘09J) on your bank transfer so that the gift can be correctly attributed.  

    Recipient: La Fondation Mondiale INSEAD (FMI)
    Bank details: Crédit Suisse
    CH-1211 Genève 70
    Swift: CRESCHZZ80A
    Donations in CHF: IBAN – CH73 0483 5293 8441 0100 0
    Donations in EUR: IBAN – CH39 0483 5293 8441 0200 0

    About the INSEAD Alumni Fund Switzerland

    Julien Firmenich, MBA’08J, President INSEAD Alumni Fund Switzerland
    Brigitte Reverdin, MBA’81, Chair of the Founding Donor Group

    Founding donors Major donors

    Luc Argand MBA’76
    Rémy Best MBA’93D
     Bertrand Demole MBA’99D
    Julien Firmenich MBA’08J
    Patrick Firmenich MBA’90J
    Reinold Geiger MBA’76
     André Hoffmann MBA’90D  
     Pierre-André Maus MBA’96D
     Georges Muller MBA’65
     Nicolas Pictet
    Brigitte Reverdin MBA’81
    Christoph Rubeli MBA’92D
    Philip Morris International

    Sven Holstenson, MBA’10D  
    Rudolf Maag MBA’73
    Pierre Poncet MBA’76
    Pascal Ravery MBA’84D
    Lucian Wagner MBA’81
    Alexander Wyss MBA’01D

    For more information about donating to INSEAD or IAF