Swiss Scholarship

INSEAD MBA Scholarships for Swiss Candidates

The Swiss Scholarships

During the summer 2016, the INSEAD Alumni of Switzerland created an endowed scholarship fund of over €725,400 K which, at an annual distribution rate of 4%, will ensure a €20K scholarship.  The first recipient will graduate in the December 2018 MBA promotion.


To grow the Swiss INSEAD MBA alumni community by generating more candidates from Switzerland and giving them financial assistance in the form of scholarships from the INSEAD Alumni of Switzerland Endowed scholarship.


  • Our very first scholarship for Swiss candidates has now been created
  • Sustainable award: The CH candidates are encouraged to reimburse the award 10 years following their graduation or fundraise for the matching amount.
  • The vetting process for the scholarships will be done by INSEAD
  • Current tuition fees for the class graduating in December 2018 are €82,000.
  • Today, 31% of INSEAD MBA candidates receive scholarships.
  • In Europe, there are scholarships for Belgium, Greece, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and UK; the funds were raised through the INSEAD alumni community. 

Donation Information

We would like to further increase the amount of the endowment to 1 million by year-end  in order to offer additional scholarships to CH candidates. We are reaching out to corporate donors and private donors who would like to participate.  All contributions, large and small are welcome and are recorded on your personal gift history/class gifts at INSEAD.  Donations are placed into a segregated account of the Swiss-based foundation: La Fondation Mondiale INSEAD and are tax deductible for individuals and corporations. A tax receipt will be sent by INSEAD.

Donation Categories (in Euros or CHF equivalent)

Founding Donors  50K
Major Donors  20K-30K
Leading Donors  5-15K
Support Donors 1’000
Alumni Donors all amounts are welcome

Bank transfer

Please make bank transfers with mention of: CH scholarship

Donations can be made by Giro pink slip: La_Fondation_Mondiale

or bank transfers in either Euro or CHF.

Recipient La Fondation Mondiale INSEAD (FMI)
CHF Donation Bank name: Crédit Suisse

Address: CH-1211 Genève 70


IBAN CHF: CH76 0486 6031 0847 3100 0
Account #: CHF 0251-310847-31
(Clearing 4866)

EURO Donation IBAN EUR: CH04 0486 6031 0847 3200 5

Account #: EUR 0251-310847-32-5
(Clearing 4866)

The Swiss Scholarships Fund received a jump start by the Founding Donor Group, established by the following donors of €50K each:

Founding Donors
Luc Argand MBA’76
Rémy Best MBA’93D
Julien Firmenich MBA’08J
Patrick Firmenich MBA’90J
Reinold Geiger MBA’76
André Hoffmann MBA’90D
Pierre-André Maus MBA’96D
Georges Muller MBA ’65
Christoph Rubeli MBA’92D
Brigitte Reverdin MBA’81-Nicolas Pictet
Corporate donor: Philip Morris International thanks to André Calantzopoulos MBA ‘84D


For any questions regarding the CH scholarships, please contact:

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