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10 Sep 20 Leadership Checkup Series 2020/2021

INSEAD / 14:30 - 19:30

Dear INSEAD Alumni,
We hope that you have been able to navigate resiliently through these unprecedented times. If you are to perform at the highest level in the ‘new normal’, it is more critical than ever that you continuously develop your leadership capabilities, remain adaptive and manage your energy holistically. In this spirit, we are delighted to invite you to the Leadership Check-up Series (LCS) 2020/2021 delivered through a powerful combination of face-to-face and virtual sessions.

Join us for a multi-session leadership development journey exclusively for INSEAD alumni in Switzerland. You will apply state-of-the-art methodologies and tools to take your leadership abilities to the next level with coaching from leading experts in their fields. In between the four main sessions, each of you will have the opportunity to benefit from two individual coaching sessions and two group coaching sessions to further accelerate your growth.

Leadership Check-up Series 2020/2021
To stay on top of their game, elite athletes and teams constantly review and reflect on their performance, taking stock of their achievements while learning from setbacks. Executives can benefit from applying this same philosophy to their leadership development. Setting new personal development objectives regularly and evaluating progress is the best formula for achieving high performance and promoting lifelong learning and development. The LCS was launched with great success in Switzerland in 2019 by Professor Vincent H. Dominé, INSEAD Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour, and Fabio Coluccia, INSEAD Leadership Consultant. We look forward to having you join the journey!

“Leadership always starts with oneself and it is a
lifelong learning journey. The Leadership Check-up Series 2019 grew my self-awareness and provided insights on how physical, mental and emotional energy contribute to higher performance. The LCS offers a great balance between peer learning within the powerful INSEAD network, theory and real-life implementation.”
Remo Schmidli LEAP’18
Member of the Executive Board at
Zürcher Kantonalbank / Head of IT,
Operations & Real Estate

“This program was very enriching. I particularly appreciated the development focus on both the individual and the team level as well as connecting with other participants. It was amazing how quickly we could engage in meaningful conversations on our personal leadership.
The Leadership Check-up Series 2019 was a fantastic experience and it helped me develop to the next level.”
Sophie Bertin MBA’02
Founder of Parnima Consulting Ltd.

Professor Vincent H. Dominé
Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD & Consultant in Leadership

Vincent H. Dominé is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and founding partner of DOMINÉ & PARTNERS, a Zurich-based leadership consulting firm. Vincent consults with senior executive teams and boards and delivers leadership development programs to leading organizations. He is also Director of Leadership Development in the INSEAD Global Executive MBA degree programs and regularly contributes to INSEAD’s Leading from the Chair and International Directors programs. He has co-authored several books, including The Coaching Kaleidoscope, Exploring Leadership Drivers & Blockers and Dynamics at Boardroom Level. He is a member of the Institute of Coaching, the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations, and the Institute of Directors in Singapore. 

Fabio Coluccia
Consultant in Leadership

Fabio Coluccia is an Associate Partner at DOMINÉ & PARTNERS. He is also a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach in numerous programs at INSEAD, such as the MBA, GEMBA, AMP and others. Addressing development at the intrapersonal, interpersonal and systems levels, he accompanies senior executives and their teams to reach sustainable results. Fabio is an alumnus of the Art and Practice of Leadership Development program at Harvard Kennedy School and he is a graduate of the INSEAD Coaching Certificate program. He also holds an MBA from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).
Mireille Barreau
Consultant specialized in Holistic Performance

Mireille Barreau consults with professionals and teams to manage their energy sustainably and to maximize their performance. A specialist in sleeping patterns and stress management, Mireille has used sophrology, paced breathing and mindfulness to improve well-being for executives across Europe. She is a trainer for the National Institute of Sleep and Alertness in France as well as the European Sleep Center, and she runs her own private practice in Paris. Mireille is a Master Specialist in Caycedian Sophrology and has a diploma in sophrology for professionals from the University of Lille.
Dr. Anna Erat (MD/PhD)
Medical Director & Lecturer
Anna Erat is a Medical Director at the Hirslanden Clinic. In this role she focuses on preventive, sports and internal medicine, and takes care of top athletes ranging from national ice hockey team players to Formula 1 drivers. She holds various degrees from the University of Zurich Medical School, the University of Basel, Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Harvard Medical School where she conducted post-doctoral medical research. Anna is also a reviewer for iQM and Clinical Lecturer at the University of Zurich Medical School. She leads the Grand Rounds in the Hirslanden Clinic and serves as a topic and guest editor for international peer-reviewed journals.

Leadership Check-up Series 2020/2021

Session 1: Leadership Diagnostics and Outlook at the Individual Level
Where do you currently stand in terms of leadership effectiveness? What are strengths that you may not be leveraging to the fullest? What are your possible areas of development? What are some of your drivers and blockers for change and what are concrete action steps you can take to reach your personal development objectives? Session 1 will help you reflect and find answers to these questions.
Delivered by Professor Vincent H. Dominé and Fabio Coluccia
Timing: September 10, 2020, 14:30h – 19:30h CET
Location: Zurich 

Session 2: Leadership Diagnostics and Outlook at the Team Level
Leadership never happens in a vacuum – it is always embedded in a context with other people. Whether you are leading or are part of an intact team, a project team, a work group, a committee or a board of directors, one of your key responsibilities as a leader is to continuously manage collective performance. In this session, you’ll be able to assess your ability to achieve team effectiveness, learn about the conscious and unconscious factors affecting group dynamics, and explore drivers and blockers of change affecting collective development. You will then identify specific action steps to increase collective performance.
Delivered by Professor Vincent H. Dominé and Fabio Coluccia
Timing: November 26, 2020, 14:30h – 19:30h CET
Location: Zurich

Session 3: Complementary Elements – a Holistic Approach to Performance
Delivering sustainable high-performance entails managing and balancing multiple influencing factors affecting our personal well-being. Physical activity, nutrition, sleep, recovery and mental energy are fundamental aspects that are often neglected. The LCS helps you to adopt a holistic approach to performance by integrating these and other critical elements.
Delivered by Mireille Barreau and Dr. Anna Erat
Timing: January 2021 (exact date will be arranged with participants)
Location: Zurich 

Session 4: Progress Review and Follow-through
To complete the LCS, this last session helps you monitor your progress, re-calibrate your action plan and maintain your momentum to achieve sustainable results.
Delivered by Professor Vincent H. Dominé and Fabio Coluccia
Timing: March 2021 (exact date will be arranged with participants)
Location: Virtual

The series is supported by Grow, the digital platform that INSEAD has partnered with to provide a development space for the leadership development programs in the MBA and EMBA. Grow (www.grow360.com) is an online solution that enables leadership development of individuals and teams in companies and business schools.

Key Facts

Where:  Zurich, Switzerland
Who: INSEAD Alumni 
Prerequisite for participation: INSEAD MBA or Executive Development Program, management experience
Participation Fee: CHF 1500

Registration: https://de.xing-events.com/LCSWISS2021.html
Payment: You will be sent online banking payment instructions.
Questions: In case of any questions, please contact Alexander Wyss (alexander.wyss@insead.edu)

INSEAD Alumni Association Switzerland
Alexander Wyss, MBA’01D, President INSEAD Alumni Association Switzerland



September 10, 2020
14:30 - 19:30
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