A donation to the school is an investment not only in the school, but in the alumni, past, present and future. “It means that every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference to the Swiss metrics,” says Alexander Wyss, MBA’01D, President INSEAD National Alumni Association Switzerland.

Salamander Challenge How To Donate: Swiss Alumni

You are free to choose the destination of your gift for the Salamander Challenge. Every gift will be counted towards the Salamander Challenge, no matter which cause you choose. For example, you can contribute to our very own SWISS SCHOLARSHIPS FUND. Volunteers are still fundraising for the Swiss scholarships. The goal is to be able to create second scholarship endowment, in addition to the first scholarship endowment raised last year.

Donations in Switzerland are 100% tax-deductible if over CHF100, limited to 20% of taxable net income. Canton and city tax deductions can be added.  

About Donating

¨Go to or copy paste into your browser.

Select from the drop down menu on give.insead.edu landing page where you would like your donation to go  (For example, “Scholarships/Swiss Scholarships” ; Campus Renewal; “Dean’s Fund“). Then choose a payment method.

Giro Slip for Fondation Mondiale INSEAD 

Download and print out pink payment slip by clicking link below. Under “Zahlungszweck”, you can enter “Swiss Scholarships”, or another destination. Pink Payment Slip (PDF)

Wiring a Donation (ebanking transaction)

Go to https://give.insead.edu/

Click orange “Give” button. Select “Switzerland” to see wiring instructions. Once payment is made, the rest of the process is handled by the school, along with sending of tax receipt for donations over CHF 100.

Credit Card Donations

This is a workaround for Swiss residents to enable a credit card payment. Please note that should you choose this option, you will not receive a tax receipt. Go to https://give.insead.edu/  Click orange “Give” button. Select “Other Countries”. Enter amount and type of donation. The next step has “France“ pre-filled in the first field, and this field cannot (and does not have to) be changed. Follow instructions to complete your registration (name, address, class promotion details).

If you have any questions, please write to events@insead.ch