11 May How Geneva is leading the way in decarbonization, with TVP Solar

The INSEAD Energy Club Switzerland hosted its second Energy Lunch of the year in Geneva in May, with guest speaker Gilbert Farina, YPM ’94 Jun, VP of Sales at TVP Solar SA. The objective was to learn about some of the most promising thermal solar technologies for heating and cooling under development today. 
The main takeaways from the presentation and discussion included:

  • Geneva is a centre for green deep tech.
  • Heating and cooling represent 50% of the energy demand globally, according to the International Energy Agency.
  • Heating and cooling can be efficiently harvested, stored and distributed using high-vacuum solar thermal technology, which economically outcompetes heat pumps, biomass, electricity and most fossil fuels.
  • Geneva-based TVP Solar SA owns over 150 patents for heating and cooling. Thanks to its unique technology, it is rapidly expanding across several continents, supplying some of the largest companies worldwide and contributing to the decarbonization of the global economy.

Gilbert Farina, YPM ’94 Jun, VP of Sales, TVP Solar SA

Marco Montefiori, MBA’05J, President, INSEAD Energy Club Switzerland