Unit8: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Real-life Business Cases

In October 2020, the Geneva Chapter hosted Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Real-life Business Cases, featuring INSEAD alumnus Dr. Marcin Pietrzyk, Founder and CEO of Unit8. INSEAD alumni and guests heard about the impact of Unit8’s work in several industrial case studies. Also addressed in the talk were some of the myths associated with the potential of AI technologies.

Interest in the topic and the speaker’s experience was high with many guests remaining online beyond the allotted 60 minutes for an extended Q&A session with Marcin Pietrzyk. The event was organized and moderated by Ingrida Elijosiute, IEP’07, Geneva Chapter Committee Member.

Event video recording (60 minutes) https://www.insead.ch/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/zoom_0.mp4