F@#kup Nights at Piguet Galland

F@#kup Nights Event at Piguet Galland


October 17, 2019

Behind every success lies a multitude of failures, and that is what makes the F@#kup Nights event series so interesting and entertainingly educational. More than 40 INSEAD alumni Swiss travelled to Swiss private bank Piguet Galland & Cie SA for its second edition of the entrepreneur-oriented event series called  “Echec 2.0”. Some alumni from Zurich and Lausanne, also made the trip.

The format of the event series is that four speakers tell their stories in 7 minutes with 10 slides. The stories could be about anything that is typically seen as a failure, a business that crashes and burns, or a partnership deal that goes sour, or a product that must be recalled. What they have in common is the valuable lessons learned. They are relatable to the members of the audience. After each speaker, there’s a Q&A session, as well as time for networking.

The F@#kup Nights program began with Nicolas Dhotel, Piguet Galland’s head of private clients and an introduction by Réginald Bien-Aimé, the initiator of F@#kup Nights in Switzerland. The four speakers included Pascal Hottinger, Business Development Manager, Endeavour Development, and former International Director of Nespresso Switzerland; Juliane Robra, the founder of SPORTIGenève, a former Judo champion; Georges Bowring, General Director, and founder of The Hamburger Foundation restaurant chain (which sells CHF 39 gourmet burgers); and Joachim Son-Forget, member of French parliament.

Each story was an inspiring example of human resilience at work. The event was organized by Ingrida Elijosiute, IEP 07, member of the Geneva Chapter Committee. View the post-event video created by Piguet Galland  here below or on Youtube https://youtu.be/dMcVVB0eHWE