Mar 13 What are central bank cryptocurrencies (CBCCs) w/ Morten Bech, BIS, Basel

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You are invited to gain insight into central banks and cryptocurrencies at an INSEAD Alumni Association premium knowledge event in Basel.

What are central bank cryptocurrencies (CBCCs) w/ Morten Bech, BIS, Basel
While it seems unlikely that bitcoin or its “sisters”, alternative crypto currencies of which there are over 900 already in existence*, will displace sovereign currencies, they certainly have demonstrated the viability of the underlying blockchain technology.

Venture capitalists and financial institutions are investing heavily in blockchain projects that seek to provide new financial services as well as deliver old ones more efficiently.

Pundits, bloggers, central bankers, and academics are predicting transformative or disruptive implications for payments, banks, and the financial system at large.

Central banks have also entered the fray, with several announcing that they are exploring or experimenting with blockchains. The prospect of central bank crypto- or digital currencies is attracting considerable attention. But making sense of all this is complicated.

There is confusion over what these new currencies are, and discussions often occur without a common understanding of what is actually being proposed.

This talk will provide some clarity by answering a deceptively simple question: what are central bank cryptocurrencies (CBCCs)?
* Forbes “The Emperor´s New Coins”, July 2017

  Morten Linnemann Bech
Head of Secretariat Morten Bech joined the BIS in mid-2011. Before taking up his current assignment in 2016, he held the position of Secretary to the Markets Committee, with responsibility for coordinating and contributing to the activities of the Committee and its various working groups. He previously worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Danish central bank. In 2009, he was a visitor at the Monetary Affairs Division of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has written on different issues relating to monetary policy implementation, money markets, network topology of financial markets, large-value payment systems and systemic risk.

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When: Tuesday March 13, 2018 18:30
Where: Restaurant Safran Zunft, Gerbergasse 11, 4001 Basel
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