Swiss Tech Scholarship

INSEAD Alumni of Switzerland Swiss Tech Entrepreneur Scholarship

This new scholarship, established in 2021 through the generous support of the CH Founding Donor Group and the INSEAD alumni community in Switzerland, is awarded to Swiss candidates with a strong technology educational background who demonstrate the potential to become leading tech entrepreneurs.

It is meant to enhance the business educational background and business network of potential Swiss tech entrepreneurs with a year at the world leading INSEAD, and to attract the best talent in Switzerland to the INSEAD MBA programme.

The award will be merit-based and support candidates who demonstrate entrepreneurial potential, talent, and leadership.

The scholarship will be awarded to candidates accepted to the MBA programme class of December 2022, with a January 2022 intake. Please note the relevant application deadlines below.


Please note that to apply for an INSEAD MBA for the January 2022 intake, the deadlines are June 18, 2021 (Round 3) or July 30, 2021 (Round 4).

More info on MBA Admissions.

Eligible MBA candidates can then apply for the Swiss Tech Entrepreneur Scholarship. To apply for the Swiss Tech Entrepreneur Scholarship for the January 2022 intake, the deadlines are July 23, 2021 (Round 3) and August 27, 2021 (Round 4).

More info on INSEAD MBA Scholarship Portal: Swiss Tech Entrepreneur Scholarship


  • applicants must be Swiss
  • strong technical background and education at a leading Institute of Technology such as EPFL or ETHZ or a recognized Swiss Institute of Applied Sciences or University
  • a demonstrated potential to become a leading Swiss tech entrepreneur

Amount of Award

The recipient will be awarded a double CH scholarship for a total of EUR 40’000. 

Additional funding in the form of loans is available to accepted MBA students.

For more information check Financing – MBA Programme INSEAD


Within 10 years of graduation, the recipients will be encouraged to give back the matching amount to the Swiss Scholarship Fund or to help fund-raise for it.

For any questions, please contact
Roland Mattis (MBA’87D) or
Leila Ojjeh (MBA’01D)

INSEAD Alumni Fund Switzerland
Julien Firmenich, MBA’08J, Co-President
Brigitte Reverdin, Chair of the Founding Donor Group