INSEAD GII Says Switzerland Leads Innovation Ranking 5th Year in a Row

Global Innovation Index // The World’s Most Innovative Countries, version 2015

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The latest version of the GII report ranks Switzerland as number one for the fifth year in a row. The report is rich in information and data. It pinpoints the real reasons for Silicon Valley’s success and highlighst the policies that can help other countries and regions of the world capture the same kind of growth and create an environment to build great companies. The report’s media center and downloads are here.

About Switzerland it says: “The Swiss recipe stands out for its historical engineering culture, its strong emphasis on education, especially of the vocational sort, and its open mindset where talent comes and goes freely.”


2015 TOP 10
1. Switzerland
2. United Kingdom
3. Sweden
4. Netherlands
5. United States
6. Finland
7. Singapore
8. Ireland
9. Luxembourg
10. Denmark