How to Donate to INSEAD Giving Day 2020 Campaign

All donations to the INSEAD Alumni of Switzerland Endowed Scholarship and INSEAD until June 25 count towards the Giving Day 2020 total. Take part now!

Make a donation with a credit card on Force for Good website

Caption: Making a Giving Day 2020 donation to the INSEAD Alumni of Switzerland Endowed Scholarship

1. On the Force for Good website. Make sure Switzerland appears in the country field.
2. To donate to Swiss Alumni Endowed Scholarship, start typing “Swiss” and it will auto-complete the “Select your designation” field.
3. Tap to select a default amount or tap “Other” and type in the amount you wish to donate. In the example here we have indicated CHF100.
4. Tap “Give Once” for a one time donation, or “Give Regularly” for a recurring donation.
5. Complete the required fields with personal payment details in the donation form to make your gift.

Make a Giving Day 2020 donation by bank transfer to the INSEAD Alumni of Switzerland Endowed Scholarship

All donations to INSEAD or the Swiss Scholarship by bank transfer between June 2 and June 25 are counted towards Giving Day 2020. Donations can be made by Giro pink slip: La_Fondation_Mondiale or bank transfers in either Euro or CHF.

Bank transfer Please make bank transfers with mention of: CH scholarship.


La Fondation Mondiale INSEAD (FMI)


Bank name: Crédit Suisse

Address: CH-1211 Genève 70


IBAN CHF: CH76 0486 6031 0847 3100 0

Account: CHF 0251-310847-31 (Clearing 4866)


IBAN EUR: CH04 0486 6031 0847 3200 5

Account: EUR 0251-310847-32-5 (Clearing 4866)