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LinkedIn Group Instructions

Greetings INSEADers based in Switzerland!

We would like to invite you to join INSEAD Alumni Association Switzerland Group on LinkedIn. Our aim is to create vibrant discussions, foster a closer-knit community as well as provide a space for you to post conferences, seminars and talks that may be of interest to your fellow alumni, relevant job offers as well as articles in which you might feature or have written.

We’d love to hear from you so do share your ideas, comments and suggestions, contributing to the online discussions as well as helping us improve this space so it reflects what you want from it and works for you.

Please join the LinkedIn Group by clicking here:

Automatic Approval for LinkedIn Group.

Here are some notes with details regarding LinkedIn Group and automatic approval using OR emails.

 Automatic Pre-Approval

We have put in place automatic pre-approval using email domains – or This means that you should add the or email address to your LinkedIn account. Thanks for your cooperation!

What to do in your existing LinkedIn Profile

        Add a new email address: Go to Profile/Edit Profile/Edit Contact info/Edit your email/Enter the email address ( or, click Add email address, and then go to that email account and click the link in the confirmation message.

Managing and setting up INSEAD Alumni Email Address

Here is some information regarding INSEAD emails. The is your forwarding address, while is a fully fledged email service (launched in 2012 for all Alumni).

INSEAD Lifelong Email Services

INSEAD offers a lifelong email service to students and alumni.Alumni will be able to use two addresses to receive email: and

Your email can be used as a fully fledged email service or as a forwarding address. Should you wish to use a forwarding address please do remember to update your profile details.

Please note that all notifications and updates from the INSEAD Global Network will be sent to your account.

 Accessing your INSEAD email account?

iConnect, the INSEAD Global Network and your INSEAD email account are all now accessible using a single username and password.

Your username is:

Your password is: the one currently used for iConnect

You can now change your password here:

How to connect to my INSEAD Mailbox?

Click on the following link :

Sign in with your INSEAD username ( and password.

For help please do contact our support services (

Benefits of using the INSEAD Mailbox

  • 10 GB for your personal mailbox
  • The mailbox is globally accessible via various e-mail clients (e.g. MS Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, Android devices or on the web)
  • 7 GB cloud storage space for your personal use (, login with your e-mail address and password
  • Productivity Services: create, view, edit, and share Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files online with SkyDrive
  • As this is a full, “Exchange” email account, you can use it to store contacts, tasks, manage your calendar (more information is available at


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